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Agricultural / Farm Loans

Agricultural loans from a UPL trusted financial advisor let you finance equipment, land, or production expenses related to farming and ranching, with convenient repayment terms. Lending solutions structured specifically with your business needs and engineered for success.

Agriculture loans are designed for business owners who need credit for:

  • Financing crop and livestock production expenses
  • Purchasing equipment Breeding livestock
  • Purchasing land for the purpose of farming or ranching (not rural residences)

Agriculture loan features

  • Available for amounts of $5,000 and up
  • Can be used to purchase equipment or real estate, or finance the production of crops and livestock
  • Provides a one-time lump sum with fixed monthly payments
  • Secured by the equipment or land you're financing
  • Convenient repayment terms, including quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments for customers with seasonal revenues
  • Supported by a specialized agriculture lending team Maximum term up to 7 years
  • Assurance of the Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guarantee Program

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